Open Telecoms Projects

Download this list of Open Telecoms Projectsts

Open Telecoms projects are attempts by the industry, often led by or at least in cooperation with network operators, to define interfaces and prise open proprietary areas of the business.

For example, the ORAN Alliance. Founded by mobile operators AT&T, China Mobile, Deutsche Telekom, NTT DOCOMO and Orange, ORAN is defining a new RAN architecture with published interfaces. This will allow many new vendors to crate markets and serve operator customers.

Similar origin stories exist for many ot these Open Telecoms Projects. As I write this, the list presently includes 17 such projects.

Myself, I believe ending the era of monolithic proprietary vendors and encouraging ISVs and COTS hardware vendors into the mix, will be as impactful as 5G. Most importantly, the every-10-years forklift upgrade of mobile networks will end. 

New mobile technology "generations" will cease being defined by vendors. Mobile networks will incrementally increase capabilities much like smartphones and apps already do today.

I'll maintain this list and any additions I receive. As the list evolves, I'll periodically re-distribute it. 

If you know of a Telecoms project which is working to open up proprietary interfaces, kindly email me with the information. I might add it to this list and redistribute it occasionally.


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