Create an Awesome LinkedIn Profile

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What's your plan to grow your career? 

Just like everything else, you need a plan for building a satisfying and rewarding career. Your LinkedIn Profile is the way people meet other professionals online. Does your LinkedIn Profile tell them what they need to know about you?

  • Section-by-section instructions for updating your Profile
  • Learn why these steps are important
  • Understand the objective of each Profile section
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I need this book!

“Moving from the profile photo taken as a selfie on the steering wheel, to provide relevant information that does not waste the recruiter time. It will help both recruiters and candidates. You may catch the eye of the recruiter but you waste his time giving the wrong impression you are what he is looking for. You may be more valuable than you think you are.”  

Osvaldo Coelho, Senior ICT Planning & Implementation consultant

"A concise, well-structured publication that covers the essential ground. It's easy to follow to get better results on LinkedIn quickly and without fuss. It is, in summary, awesome.”

David Petherick, Doctor LinkedIn™

Create an Awesome LinkedIn Profile

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. Getting Started

Section 1: Core Components

3. Your Name

4. Your Profile Photo

5. Your Headline

6. Summary

Section 2: Below the Fold  

7. Experience  

8. Skills  

 Section 3. Other Components  

9. Accomplishments  

10. Public Profile  

11. Vanity URL  

12. Contact and Personal Info  

13. General Guidelines